$50Kirky's 2019 Golf Challengein progress
$100Kirky's 2019 Golf One And Donein progress
$202019 NHL Playoff Poolin progress


$50DQ's Major Challenge - 2019 Masters14 Apr 2019 11:55am PDT
$100DQ's Major Challenge - High Roller - 2019 Masters14 Apr 2019 11:54am PDT
$202019 March Madness Pool8 Apr 2019 8:47pm PDT
$502019 March Madness Survivor Pool8 Apr 2019 8:47pm PDT


Open Championship Updates

I will update the Open Championship pool as soon as possible. However, that won't be until around 8pm EDT (5pm PDT) this evening (and Friday evening).

19 Jul 2012 9:02am

2012 Canadian Open

Typically we don't run a DQ Major Challenge Survivor Pool for the Canadian Open. However, since this year's tournament is being held at the Hamilton Golf & Country Club we have decided to run one. The entry fee will be $30.

16 Jul 2012 9:22am

2012 US Open Championship pool winners

Congratulations Dundas Mike on winning the 2012 US Open Championship pool.

1st Roys Furniture Dundas Mike $945.00
2nd Chubbs Peterson BHendle24 $270.00
3rd Jimmer tydan $135.00
12 Jul 2012 9:55pm

2012 NHL Playoffs pool winners

Congratulations 13hully on winning the 2012 NHL Playoffs pool.

1st 13hully 13hully $602.00
2nd Sudden Death bluestarz $172.00
3rd Raindeer Raindeer $86.00
12 Jul 2012 9:55pm

2012 Players Championship Survivor Pool Winners

Congratulations to BHendle24 for winning the 2012 Players Championship Survivor Pool.

Congratulations to Masterbaiter for finishing 2nd.

1st Get in the hole!!! BHendle24 $517.50
2nd The East Ender Masterbaiter $172.50
15 May 2012 11:24pm

2012 Masters Survivor Pool

Congratulations to Smitty for winning the 2012 Masters Survivor Pool.

Congratulations to kt16 and donny_t2 for finishing 2nd.

1st Suck It Smitty $1155.00
2nd KT16 kt16 $247.50
- Stoney donny_t2 $247.50
9 Apr 2012 12:32pm

2012 March Madness Pool Winners

Congratulations to moelester71 for winning the 2012 March Madness Pool.

Congratulations to Klosser and kt16 for finishing in the Top 3.

1st Anthony "Unibrow" Davis moelester71 $546.00
2nd Cloghopper Klosser $156.00
3rd KT16 kt16 $78.00
3 Apr 2012 6:16pm

2012 Super Bowl Pool Winner

Congratulations to Wilke for winning the 2012 Super Bowl Pool.

1 Wilke Wilke $640.00
13 Feb 2012 3:48pm

2011 Nuggz College Bowl Pool Winners

Congratulations to kirky for winning the 2011 Nuggz College Bowl Pool.

Congratulations to Dundas Mike and michaelfozard for finishing tied second.

1 newt kirky $280.00
2 Allah Ahkbar Dundas Mike $60.00
3 Donny T michaelfozard $60.00
10 Jan 2012 11:08am

2011 Fozard's NFL Shootout Winners

Congratulations to primetime for winning the 2011 Fozard's NFL Shootout Pool.

Congratulations to moelester71 and Had EX today for finishing second and third.

1 Get Yo Popcorn Ready primetime $2,660.00
2 MoeLester moelester71 $760.00
3 TEAM EXPORT Had EX today $380.00
4 Jan 2012 9:04am

2011 Dabber's NFL Survivor Pool Winner

Congratulations to Wilke for winning the 2011 Dabber NFL Survivor Pool.

1 Wilke Wilke $450.00
20 Dec 2011 11:37am

Outback Bowl spread Correction

Michigan St. +3.5
Georgia -3.5

18 Dec 2011 4:34pm

Fozard's NFL Shootout pool rules update.

The NFL Shootout rules have been amended for situations where spreads have been entered incorrectly. Click for complete rules

- Games with no line at the time the pool spreads are set will be given a spread of 0, this will be the spread used to determine pool results.

- Each week the spreads are set Tuesday night before the pool is open for that week's picks. Once set the spreads will not change, except in the situation covered in the following rule.

- In the event that a spread has been found to be entered incorrectly, the spread will be corrected up until 24 hours before the weekly deadline. Errors discovered within 24 hours of the deadline will not be corrected.

- The purpose of this rule is to correct data entry errors, not to adjust the spread due to line moves, line differences between sports books or games that have no line when the pool spreads were set.

- In the event that a spread is corrected, there will be a notification on the pool page and participants will be sent an email notifying them of the error and spread change.

20 Nov 2011 1:09pm

2011 NHL Survivor Pool Winner

Congratulations to kt16 for winning the 2011 NHL Survivor Pool.

1 Seahawks kt16 $340.00
14 Nov 2011 6:17pm

2011 PGA Championship Survivor Pool Winners

Congratulations to hsvendsen for winning the 2011 PGA Championship Survivor Pool.

Congratulations to kt16 and moelester71 for finishing second and third.

1 Let's Go Steve Williams! hsvendsen $945.00
2 Doughnut Patrol kt16 $270.00
3 Mitchell 1 moelester71 $145.00
15 Aug 2011 9:37am