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$100Kirky's 2018 Golf One And Donein progress
$50Kirky's 2018 Golf Challengein progress


2011 Open Championship Survivor Pool

Each entry had at least one golfer miss the cut. Therefore, there is no winner in the 2011 Open Championship Survivor Pool.

As per the survivor pool rules, pool entrants have the option of having their entry fee refunded or kept as credit for entry into the 2011 PGA Championship Survivor Pool.

If you would prefer to have your entry free refunded please contact me via the contact form.

Thanks for participating.

17 Jul 2011 8:53am

2011 US Open Championship Survivor Pool Winners

Congratulations to hsvendsen for winning the 2011 US Open Championship Survivor Pool.

Congratulations to kirky and moelester71 for finishing second and third.

1 What's his next excuse? hsvendsen $735.00
2 kirky kirky $210.00
3 Ball Lickers moelester71 $105.00
19 Jun 2011 6:39pm

2011 US Open Update

The 2nd round of the US Open has not yet been completed. However, all golfers selected in the pool have completed their rounds and the cut line is not going to change, so I have updated the standings.

17 Jun 2011 6:39pm

2011 NHL Playoff Pool Winners

Congratulations to Lone Ranger for winning the 2011 NHL Playoff Pool.

Congratulations to teekay and Wolfy for finishing second and third.

1 Charlie Sheen Lone Ranger $273.00
2 teekay teekay $78.00
3 Wolf-Pack Wolfy $39.00
16 Jun 2011 4:35pm

2011 Players Championship Pool Winners

Congratulations to Miss Debby and kt16 for winning the DQ's Major Challenge - 2011 Players Championship Pool.

Congratulations to Harshie for finishing third.

1 Deb's Champs Miss Debby $297.00
  KT16 kt16 $297.00
3 Golf Pool Entry Harshie $66.00
16 May 2011 8:55am

2011 Players Championship Pool: Round 3 update

Results for the 2011 Players Championship will be entered after round 3 is completed Sunday morning.

14 May 2011 5:21pm

2011 Players Championship Pool: Tiger Woods WD

Tiger Woods withdrew from the 2011 Players Championship after only 9 holes of the first round. In accordance with pool rules, entries that have selected Tiger are eliminated from the pool.

"Entries are eliminated if any selected golfer misses the cut or for whatever reason fails to complete the tournament (such as Withdrawal or Disqualification)."

12 May 2011 2:53pm

DQ's Major Challenge: 2011 Players Championship Pool

It's considered the 5th Major on the PGA Tour. It has the most intimating hole in all of golf. It's The Players Championship. Razor's Pools in conjunction with DQ's Major Challenge presents the 2011 Players Championship Survivor Pool. Same rules as the Majors Survivor Pools. Pick 4 golfers. Entry with lowest combined score wins (all golfers have to make the cut). Since it's not a official Major the entry fee for this pool will only be $30.

The deadline for entries is Thursday 12 May 2011 6:00am EDT (3:00am PDT)

2011 Players Championship Pool

6 May 2011 3:33pm

2011 Masters Survivor Pool Winners

Congratulations to entries Dale Mitchell and Team England for finishing first in the 2011 Masters Survivor Pool.

Congratulations to entries BRONX BOMBER, Habs over Leafs and Two Glove Tommy for finishing third.

1st Dale Mitchell $877.50
  Team England $877.50
3rd BRONX BOMBER $65.00
  Habs over Leafs $65.00
  Two Glove Tommy $65.00
10 Apr 2011 4:52pm

2011 NHL Playoff Pool

The 2011 NHL Playoff Pool is open for entries. $10 per entry (additional $1 fee on payments via PayPal).

Entry deadline is 13 Apr 2011 7:00pm EDT (4:00pm PDT)

2011 NHL Playoff Pool

Note: Only players from teams that have officially qualified for the playoffs are available for selection. As teams qualify for the playoffs their players will become available for selection.

2 Apr 2011 12:04pm

2011 Masters Survivor Pool

The 2011 Masters High Roller Golf Survivor pool is now open for entries. $50 per entry (additional $1 fee on payments via PayPal).

Entry deadline is 7 Apr 2011 6:00am EDT (3:00am PDT)

2011 Masters Pool

1 Apr 2011 1:28pm

Pool History

Razor's Pools now has a Pool History option, allowing users to few the standings and entries from previous pools.

You will now see a Pool History link on the left side of the page for each pool. Click on the link to see a list of all previous pools. Click a pool to see the final standings. Click on any entry to see the selections made for that entry.

There is also a My history link at that top right of the website. Click this link to see a list of all the pools you've entered. Click a pool to see the final standings. Click on any entry to see the selections made for that entry.

31 Mar 2011 4:23pm